iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB Space Gray

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  • cover
  • Screen protector
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Purchasing a refurbished product has less impact on the environment. You buy an existing device. This way you save an average of 55.5 kilograms of CO2 and 100 liters of water* if you buy one refurbished device. That saving is equivalent to delivering 185 packages. In addition, there is also less electronic waste, because you reuse the device.

*The savings are based on an average comparison between existing refurbished products and the production of new products.

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If there is something wrong with the product, our refurbisho guarantee is there for you. You send the item back to us or you drop it by so that our technicians can take care of it. We will keep you informed every step of the way.

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Good to know?

All accessories described with the product function without any restrictions and have a maximum of light traces of use. If necessary, we will replace the USB cable with an equivalent product from another supplier. 

Headphones are not included for hygienic reasons. 

The protection against water advertised by the manufacturers decreases with use. That's why all of our electronic devices are generally sold as non-waterproof. This does not apply to devices certified according to ISO standard 22810:2010 (smartwatches and similar). 

Information on the type and, in particular, the duration of updates provided by the manufacturer for the electronic device can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB Space Gray

Uitstekend Conditie

  • Werkt als nieuw
  • Body / Scherm : geen zichtbare krassen of andere schade
  • Simlockvrij
  • Min. 24 maanden garantie
  • Flexibele betaalmethoden
  • 30 dagen gratis retourneren
  • Bespaart tot 70% CO₂-uitstoot

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB Space Gray zit in een herkenbaar jasje, maar vol vernieuwing. Het ontwerp aan de voorkant kennen we van Apple iPhone Xs. De verandering op de achterkant is echter niet te missen: iPhone 11 Pro Space Gray is voorzien van 3 camera's. Zo gebruik je de groothoeklens voor meer beeld in één foto en zoom je optisch zonder kwaliteitsverlies. De camera aan de voorkant is ook aanzienlijk verbeterd. Maak met deze 12 megapixel camera de beste Instagram foto's en zelfs filmpjes in slow motion. De ingebouwde A13 chip is weer nét een stukje sneller dan de A12 chip die we gewend zijn van de voorgangers. Zo navigeer je sneller door menu's en starten apps razendsnel op. Deze chip zorgt er ook voor dat de batterij langer meegaat. Je doet namelijk tot 4 uur langer met één acculading dan bij oudere modellen.

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Wat is Refurbished / gebruikt?

Producten van hoge kwaliteit verdienen een tweede leven. Wij bij Phonefinity staan voor een duurzame samenleving en dragen hieraan bij door refurbished producten aan te bieden die nog jaren mee gaan. Met onze 2 jaar garantie die standaard bij elk product zit, ben je verzekerd van de best mogelijke kwaliteit. De eerste stap naar een duurzame toekomst hebben wij gezet, zetten wij de volgende stap samen?


Explanation conditions:


Appliances in the 'as new' category are hardly distinguishable from new. There may be a single minimal trace of use that is almost invisible to the naked eye. (Also called as good as new)

Screen: none to micro scratches
Casing: like new, no scratches visible from 20 cm away (slightly longer than a standard size pencil)
100% technically sound and the battery is guaranteed to have at least 80% to 100% of its original capacity


Devices in this category may contain very light signs of use. Often these traces are on the housing. The screen is virtually scratch-free.(Also called lightly used)

Screen: light scratches
Casing: light micro-scratches (invisible at arm's length)

100% technically sound and the battery is guaranteed to have at least 80% to 100% of its original capacity


Devices in this category may show signs of use on both the screen and the housing. If there are traces on the screen, these will mainly be scratches. (Also called visibly used)

Screen: scratches (barely visible when screen is on)
Casing: May have visible signs of use, with some minor scratches and dents that do not affect performance
100% technically sound and the battery is guaranteed to have at least 80% of its original capacity