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iPhone 13?

Certified Apple iPhone 13 128gb A-Grade phone come with a 2-year warranty plus the promise that comes with Apple Certified devices.

We make this promise
with all products.

Certified Pre-Owned products must each pass a rigorous remanufacturing process with full functional testing, after which they are offered at a special discount.

Return within 30 days Ordered before 21:00, delivered the same day 2 year warranty ISO certified

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We offer fair and competitive prices for used technology by completely cutting out the 'middleman' and passing those savings on to you, the consumer. All our products have the same functionality as new phones, the only difference is how it looks cosmetically on the outside. To ensure the functionality of each device, all products are checked by our experts to meet the Certified criteria used. No jailbroken, rooted devices or activation lock. That means no surprises with our products, and when there are, we have a 2-year warranty and a 30-day return guarantee.

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